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Family Photographer


Hello there!

I'm Renata...

... a family photographer in the Toronto and Scarborough area.

I came from São Paulo, Brazil, where I have lived my whole life until my husband and I decided to come to Canada in 2018. 

Even though Photography came into my life many years before, it was when I started living abroad that I actually understood the importance of capturing moments in pictures.

I came from a big family which was always together, celebrating special moments and enjoying each other’s company, and suddenly we were 8.000km apart, sharing moments through photos when we cannot be physically close.

Because of that I have found passion in capturing moments for other families, to be cherished with those near or far, now or in a distant future.


Getting engaged and then married, welcoming a baby into your family, seeing this baby grow, celebrating and enjoying birthdays, Christmas and all the seasons with the beautiful family that you have created….

All of these are memories in the story you’re building together, and I would love to be there and capture everything for you to remember and share with the ones you love. 


“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”


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